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Cupid Goes Fishing: Book Two of A Cupid Sonya Amoretti Novel

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Cupid Goes Fishing: Book Two of A Cupid Sonya Amoretti Novel

Sonya Amoretti is at it again as Fate in Love, the modern day Cupid. This time isn’t going to be so easy. She has to worm her way into a pair of divorcing hearts. Randy Lennon is a shy polite Pisces who has become accustomed to being used and abused by his gold-digging ex-wife and the 1st one that Sonya has to tackle for a match. But will she end up falling for him first? And then there’s Rachel Osborne Lennon the adulterous ex, grateful to be rid of her boring ex-husband. This should be the time of her life except she’s pregnant and anyone getting involved with her has to ignore the mystery dad. But after a few mishaps and “dreams” Sonya finally fishes in the right pond to find love for these Pisces. She might even find love for herself.

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List Price: $ 7.95

Price: $ 7.95

Piggy and Dad Go Fishing Book and Audiocassette Tape Set (Paperback)

Piggy is excited about his first fishing trip with his father. After donning boots, helping to make sandwiches, and digging for worms, the pair set out. All is well until the youngster tries to bait the hook. He cannot bear to hurt the little worm smiling up at him, so they use bread instead. Though his dad explains that he must be quiet and patient for a fish to bite, the antsy tyke repeatedly casts his line until both fishermen fall asleep from a mix of exhaustion and boredom. Piggy is awakened by a tug on the line and, sure enough, he catches a beauty — only to throw it back when he imagines how sad the fish must be. Instead, he invents a new sport of “feed-the-fish fishing,” in which he tosses bread balls into the water and they enjoy watching the eager creatures eat their lunch. Dad is such a good sport that the next day they return for more — only this time father, son, and fish feast on a box of doughnuts. The pleasing watercolor-and-pencil cartoons are bright and varied, with both white and colored backgrounds. The front endpapers sport cans of smiling worms while the back ones display an array of mouthwatering doughnuts. Children will appreciate the understanding, bespectacled dad in his wild Hawaiian shirts and empathize with the sensitive little pig.

Rating: (out of reviews)

List Price:

Price: $ 9.98

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