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Half Light

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Half Light

Demi Moore stars as Rachael Carson, a successful mystery writer whose life is shattered following the accidental drowning of her 5-year-old son. Knowing she desperately needs solitude and rest, her best friend rents Rachel a secluded cottage in a remote fishing village. But instead of a peaceful retreat, Rachel finds herself caught up in a supernatural murder mystery that rocks the tranquil town and threatens Rachel’s fragile sanity – and her life – in this spooky suspense thriller.

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5 Responses to “Half Light”
  1. Shirley Priscilla Johnson says:

    Review by Shirley Priscilla Johnson for Half Light
    I believe Demi Moore is an outstanding actor and she didn’t disappoint in this movie in her performance. She plays an author in this movie who has to endure the death of her son. At first I thought her son was murdered but it turns out that was not the case and we find Demi hidding herself at a secluded ocean front home desperately tring to regain some reason for living. It is during this time she sees visions of her son, finds messages from him and falls in love with the keeper of the lighthouse, who truly is not who you think he is.

    For a little while you may feel this movie is moving way too slow, but it is building up to a very suspenseful conclusion and one that will surprise you. Suspense, action, romance and a ‘never saw it coming,’ conclusion awaits you in this movie and is certainly worth your time.

  2. Joan Crawford says:

    Review by Joan Crawford for Half Light
    As a fan of Demi Moore, I was very interested in seeing this film. Moore hasn’t made many movies since the ’90s. After “GI Jane” and “Striptease,” she retired from her career for a few years to raise her children. She only appeared in two films, the weak independent film “Passion of Mind” and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.” From 1997-2005 is a long time to wait for a new Demi Moore starring vehicle, which is why I was so anxious to see “Half Light.”

    It is disappointing that there was no promotion whatsoever in the U.S. for this film. After seeing the film on DVD, I’m also incredibly disappointed it wasn’t given a chance in theaters. Demi Moore needs a comeback. She is only 43, still in her prime, and constantly in the limelight due to her high-profile marriage to Ashton Kutcher. Obviously, she is still very famous, so why couldn’t a Demi Moore film such as “Half Light” fare incredibly well in theaters? Take Julianne Moore, who is Demi Moore’s age, in “The Forgotten,” for example. That was a much weaker film than “Half Light,” but it performed reasonably well at the box office.

    I just don’t think the executives in charge were willing to give Demi a chance, and that is a shame for a number of reasons. “Half Light” is an excellent thriller–full of suspense, beautiful scenery, score, and a luminous, emotionally-charged performance by Demi. It’s probably her best performance. I admit I am a fan of the actress, so perhaps I am slightly biased, but I admit not all of her work was good. I still think Hester Prynne in “The Scarlet Letter” was her best role, “Indecent Proposal” was her best film, and now I know her very best performance was in “Half Light.” You could compare her performance in this film to any other major actress working today and be pleasantly surprised by her talent (and ageless beauty)!

    The story itself is wondrous, mysterious, creepy, and romantic. It has it all. There is a love story, an emotional drama, as well as a thriller all mixed into the plot. When a famous authoress loses her child in a drowning accident, she moves to a cabin on the coast of the ocean to get away and try to write. However, there are a lot of thrills and mysteries along the way. That is all I want to give away concerning the excellent plot. Keep in mind it is a story with a lot of subtlety and suspense instead of gore, like “The Others.”

    The best aspect of the film, and I think anyone would agree, is the love story. The screenplay and score are so good that you may have the music and dialogue in your head long after the film ends. The film belongs to Demi Moore most of all, though. Hopefully, she will someday receive credit as an actress.

  3. Tony G says:

    Review by Tony G for Half Light
    I love it, it has mystery, romance, scary and sad. All set in Scotland in a lighthouse. Demi is sexy and the movie has twisty turns. Good for a rainy, stormy night!

  4. Just Bill says:

    Review by Just Bill for Half Light
    My wife and I saw Half Light on the shelf at a local video rental store and decided to take a chance on it. We’d never heard of it (which surprised us since we’re usually pretty hip to what movies come out at the theatre), but the description on the back of the DVD box intrigued us.

    We loved it so much that, when it was over, we immediately ordered a copy from Amazon!

    Half Light features stunning cinematography and a breathtaking soundtrack, full of Celtic instruments and delicate passages of music that — combined with the images on the screen — completely captivated us. We couldn’t take our eyes off the movie. In fact, we kept telling each other, “Boy, wouldn’t it be great to live there! What a beautiful location!”

    I guessed what was going on about half way through the movie, but that didn’t detract from the suspense we felt throughout the entire movie — real, actual scares and not cheap shots with sound effects or someone coming up behind the actor on screen and grabbing his/her shoulder.

    I love a good spooky movie. But so few are made these days. Either the CGI monsters are so goofy that they’re laughable, or the writing is pedantic and stupid, or the premise is half-baked, or all the actors looks like they stepped out of TV show The OC, as vapid as any human beings can possibly be.

    Half Light delivered the goods, never once disappointing us. The acting was first-rate (especially the Gaelic locals). The cinematography was nothing short of gorgeous. The soundtrack is something I hope exists because we’d love to own it. And the story itself was believable. We couldn’t have asked for more from a movie and, in fact, were totally blown away by Half Light because we didn’t expect much at all.

    I have no idea why Half Light seems to have gone straight to DVD. It’s easily one of the best movies we’ve seen in years.

    I highly recommend Half Light.

  5. Grady Harp says:

    Review by Grady Harp for Half Light
    HALF LIGHT (a title with a lot of meaning revealed only at the conclusion of the film!) is a fine, atmospheric, well-acted little drama that explores belief in the beyond and its impact of post-traumatic responses to death. Written and directed by Craig Rosenberg (Hotel de Love) the story challenges the viewer to enter the strange world of afterlife and consider the fine differences between illusion and credibility.

    Rachel Carson (Demi Moore in a fine performance) is a successful writer living in London with her disillusioned editor husband Brian (Henry Ian Cusick) and her young son Thomas (Beans El-Balawi). In a freak accident Thomas drowns and Rachel is devastated, and deciding that her marriage is indeed over she moves to a little quaint Scottish island cottage where she can devote her mind to her writing. She is a loner, talking only on cell phone to her best friend Sharon (Kate Isitt) in London, until she meets her neighbors the Murrays (James Cosmo and Joanna Hole) who befriend her. She begins to see visions of Thomas, talks to him knowing that he is just in her imagination, until she meets some townspeople who undermine her belief in departed spirits.

    There is a lighthouse off the coast and Rachel boats out, meets the lighthouse keeper Angus (Hans Matheson who is remembered for his Marius in ‘Les Misérables’, as Nero in ‘Imperium: Nero’, and Yuri in ‘Dr. Zhivago’ and Robert Devereaux, Earl of Essex in ‘The Virgin Queen’ – the latter two being TV miniseries). Slowly the two develop an attraction and affair, only for Rachel to find out from the townsfolk that Angus has been dead for seven years! At this point the mystery takes precedence and the intricate truths of a terrifying plot unfold: the race to the ending is filled with surprises and unexpected events.

    The cinematography by Ashley Rowe and the musical score by Brett Rosenberg add enormously to the mood of this piece. HALF LIGHT is a solid movie, filled with suspense and well-written story and character development and deserves far more attention than it received in the theaters. Demi Moore proves again that she can handle dramatic roles well and Hans Matheson is most assuredly a young actor to watch! Grady Harp, January 07

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