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Hellmaw: The Fishing Hole: A TEGG Hellmaw Short Story (Hellmaw Shorts Book 1)

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Hellmaw: The Fishing Hole: A TEGG Hellmaw Short Story (Hellmaw Shorts Book 1)

The daemons of Araurra have been dumping their criminals, political prisoners, and assorted troublemakers on Earth for a long while. Zandalic should know. Eight hundred years ago, he was one of the dumpees.

That was plenty of time to go native, and these days, it’s his self-appointed mission to intercept the newly banished and help them find their way while preventing incidents that would reveal to the humans that they are not alone.

Unfortunately, many others know of the gate he calls the Fishing Hole. Some are human assassins out to slaughter disoriented, vulnerable daemons, others. members of their own kind eager to recruit them to one sinister cabal or another.

None of Zandalec’s competitors appreciates his efforts, and when a new arrival turns out to be a savage megalomaniac, he’s in for a difficult night.

Set in the exciting new Hellmaw universe, “The Fishing Hole” reads like a mix of Clive Barker and Raymond Chandler and introduces urban fantasy’s newest hero.

Hellmaw is Ed Greenwood’s, creator of Forgotten Realms®, darkest setting to-date.Arc 1 of Hellmaw focuses on close-up, character-driven stories about interpersonal relationships, centered on the Araurra, daemon exiles thrust into our modern real-world Earth and finding their feet/roles/niches on our turf, perhaps learning they are being hunted. And perhaps being the hunters.
Richard Lee Byers holds a master’s degree in Psychology. He worked in an emergency psychiatric facility for over a decade, then left the mental health field to become a writer.

Richard Lee Byers is the author of 40 fantasy and horror novels, including The Reaver, Blind God’s Bluff, and the best-selling Dissolution. He is also the creator of the post-apocalyptic superhero series The Impostor. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and he has collected some of the best of it in the ebooks The Q Word, The Plague Knight, and Zombies in Paradise. A resident of the Tampa Bay area, which is the setting for a substantial portion of his horror fiction, he spends much of his leisure time fencing and playing online poker. He invites everyone to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Ello, and to read his blog at

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