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Sunday, February 14, 2016



Frankenatics™ People who believe that Frankenspecies™ are the sole solution or problem to an international problem.

Frankenbait™ Frankenfish seemingly have a taste for scantily clad, college age women, as well as small dogs, usually poodles, that wear colorful ribbons.

Frankendustry™ This is the industry that has arisen as the result of any Frankenspecies™.

Frankenfauna™ Any bioengineered animal life.

Frankenfeast™ Any meal consisting partly or in whole of Franken Foods.

Frankenfish Frankenfish are species not native to the waters in which they live. For our purposes, there are four classes of Frankenfish. They are:

1. Biologically engineered fish
2. Invasive Species
3. Randomly Occurring Strange Mutations
4. Mythical Fish

Frankenfloura™ Any bioengineered animal life.

Frankenfood Any cuisine derived from any Frankenspecies™.

Frankenfreekins™ Derogatory words or phases or curse words used commonly when disc

Frankenfry™ Any Frankenfish hatchlings or fingerlings.

Frankengiving™ New holiday celebrated on the second Tuesday of November. On this holiday, people eat genetically engineered foods filled with pesticides, growth hormones, foreign genes, and heavy metals. Humans typically celebrate by dancing traditional Frankendances™ such as the Chicken Dance. Humans often don masks representing their favorite Frankenspecies™.

Frankengod™ Any bioengineer who creates a Frankenspecies™.

Frankenfish Frankengod™


Frankenistory™ The history of any Frankenspecies™.

Frankenistry™ This is the chemistry of any Frankenspecies™.

Frankenfish Frankenistry™


Frankenlanguage™ The specific lexicons, scientific or popular used in the discussion of an Franken Species.

Frankenlaw™ Legal Studies of, or pertaining to, Frankenspecies™.

Frankenligion™ Religious fanatics who pray to the Frankengods™.

Frankenmetrics™ Any measurement used to track some aspect of a Frankenspecies™.

Frankenolitics™ This is the politics or political climate of or pertaining to a Frankenspecies™.

Frankenology™ This is the biology of any Frankenspecies™.

Frankenomics™ Economics pertaining to Frankenspecies™. This is a discipline that studies the economic impact that Frankenfish will have on the economy.

Frankenfish Frankenomics™


Frankensocio™ Frankensocio is a social science that focuses study on how Frankenspecies™ impact society. Frankensociologists use various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis learn more about human social activity and structure as it results from creating, interacting with or eating Frnakenspecies™.

Frankenspecies™ Any mythological, invasive, bioengineered or mythical species.

Frankensychology™ Frankensychology™ is the science of mind and behavior as the result of creating, interacting with, or eating Frankenspecies™. Frankensychologists™ attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the physiological and neurobiological processes that underlie certain functions and behaviors that result from creating, interacting with or eating Frankenspecies™.

Frankensystem™ Similar to an ecosystem, the Frankensystem™ is the sum of all plants and animals in a given region where a Frankenspecies™ has taken root.

Frankenutations™ Any mutation not naturally occurring in nature, typically caused by human originated pollutions. Pollutants range from chemicals to hormones to biowaste.

Frankenween™ Special holiday where Frankenspecies dress up and act like normal people.

Frankilosphy™ Philosophical studies of or pertaining to Frankenspecies™

Frankolution™ Frankolution™ is any waste not naturally occurring in nature.

Also, Frankoluiton™ refers to invasive species that have a negative impact on the invaded ecosystem.

Frankometer™ Metric used to measure the population growth (shrinkage) or movement of any species per a given region that is caused by a Frankenspecies™.

Frankversation™ Any intelligent conversation about Frankenspecies oriented to constructively solving the world’s problems as they pertain to Frankenspecies™.

Frankvolution™ The evolution of any Frankenfish species.

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