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Not Just Fishing: “A One-Of-A-Kind Book Sure To Interest Every Fisherman”

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Not Just Fishing: “A One-Of-A-Kind Book Sure To Interest Every Fisherman”

Clam Digging, Frog Gigging, Spear Fishing, Abalone Diving, Catching Striped Bass, Sturgeon, Crappie, Crawfish, Fishing from the shore of the ocean for Ling Cod and Bottom Fish and much, much more! Learning how to fish using simple and easy techniques for all types of fish rather than an in depth guide to catching one type of fish. This book is made to be fun and to explain all types of outdoor activities in the most simple way so they may be enjoyed by all outdoors persons regardless of their age and experience. Learn how to build a clam pump for digging clams, how to gather mussels, sea urchins for sushi, along with unique fishing techniques for both freshwater fish and ocean fish. This book is made for every fisherman and outdoors person. This is not one of those complicated “How To” books made for the professional bass fisherman or a book on how to fly fish or tie flies for those fanatical pro fishermen. Again, it is a fun book written by an author with nearly 60 years of experience in many types of fishing activities, including every one of the ones explained in this fishing book. This fishing book is the best fishing book for the everyday fisherman that enjoys fun stories and humor along with learning about fishing techniques for the less sought after creatures. All fishermen will enjoy the many short stories about the many fishing activities explained in this book and will honestly learn something new about the sport in this book. Even someone who is a professional bass fisherman or a fisherman who has caught thousands of sturgeon or other fish, will find the frog gigging article or the spear fishing article entertaining and new to them. This book is a great coffee table book for both fishermen and hunters and a great conversation piece to have on every fishing book or or on every fishing trip. After all, who wants to sit and read a long book about catching trout besides the trout fishing fanatic? In this fishing book, if one type of fishing technique or fishing type is not of interest, the next fishing article very well will be a fishing story that will be fun for that person, making this fishing book the best bet for a gift for any fisherman or outdoorsman. This fishing book will allow every fisherman to enjoy other fishing activities that they might not have had the opportunity to enjoy as they visit areas away from their usual fishing locations. The abalone diving and spear fishing articles are some of the most in depth diving articles available gleaned from thousands of hours that the author has spent in the water pursuing these outdoor activities and include in-depth beginner and safety tips and techniques. This fishing book is organized in short and easy to read chapters that are easy to follow and can be read in a few minutes each as the reader’s time allows without losing one’s place. The cover of the book is attractive and draws the reader to the many fishing activities explained within it. The book’s colorful cover and easy to read format even draws those who aren’t fishermen to it and the humorous fishing stories within it entertain those folks as well. This book is the perfect gift for a fisherman as it is a no risk fishing book that any type a fisherman will enjoy. This is a great book for any waiting room where outdoor enthusiasts might pass through or where fishermen might gather. With such wide ranging fishing techniques, this book is a no risk book for women who fish or hunt, retirees who used to fish, or any boss or co-worker that enjoys the outdoors. Notice too that it is one of the most inexpensive fishing books on the market, especially for the quality and information that it contains.

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