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Return of the Arkansas River Monster

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Return of the Arkansas River Monster

There is something in the water of the Arkansas River—again! Everyone believed they had caught the creature that was terrorizing the residents along the Arkansas River and the tributaries flowing into it. Or did they? Could there have been two separate monsters lurking in the waters or did they capture the wrong one? The creature that attacked the animals and humans that previous summer was unlike anything anyone had ever seen or heard of before.
After the river monster returns, so does the fear and so do the questions. No one even knows what it is. There are speculations and theories, but since the victim never sees it until it is too late, no one knows for sure what the monster is or how it came to be in the waters in and around the Arkansas River. The first creature they found was a true monster. Could there be another one? Could it be an even bigger one? The answer will surprise you.
Just as before some think the real monster that is responsible for the attacks may have come from the ocean. It then became trapped when the new Mount Carmel Dam was erected, which blocked its exit back to the Mississippi River. Others think it could be a giant alligator or even an overgrown catfish. Some even think it could be a shark, that has somehow adapted to fresh water. Then there are a few which think it’s an unknown creature, such as the Lock Ness monster. Only catching or killing it will answer the question once and for all. However, it will not be easy to capture or even find the mysterious monster, as it has plenty of places and water in which to hide.
This short novel of 28,000-words takes place in southeastern Arkansas near where the Arkansas River runs into the mighty Mississippi. What could this mysterious creature be? You will discover the answer, but only after it takes its toll on the minds and nerves of those that live in or near its secret domain.
Share the fear, the drama—the suspense of those that live in or around the small town of Mount Carmel. Yes, it is an “almost real” story of a creature that could be living near you in a large river or lake. Be sure you turn the lights on before you start reading Return of the Arkansas River Monster.
Note: Before reading this second book, you should read the first one titled, The Arkansas River Monster. Otherwise, it will spoil the surprise ending of the first book.

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