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The Magic Bowl Free Willy (Snap Case)

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The Magic Bowl
Potty Training Made Easy – This animated movie addresses the sensitive family topic of toilet training in a fun, and encouraging way. The movie encourages weaning off the diaper while accepting the emotions and difficulties of the training process.
The Magic Bowl

Make Independent
Ebook/book: How To Make A Movie With A Very, Very, Low Budget. A guide to making an independent film with very little money.
Make Independent

Catfish Bait Formulas
Time Tested Secret Catfish Bait Formulas that hauls in Buckets of Fish, Amazes Your Buddies, and Increases Your Enjoyment of Fishing. Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Turning Ordinary Kitchen Ingredients into Your own Homemade Catfish Bait.
Catfish Bait Formulas

Free Willy (Snap Case)

A 12 YEAR OLD STREET KID. A 3 TON KILLER WHALE. A FRIENDSHIP YOU COULD NEVER IMAGINE. AN ADVENTURE YOU’LL NEVER FORGET.Some of us will never understand why this boy-and-his-whale tale became the hit family film of 1993 and one of the bestselling videos of all time. But it is easy to see how clever marketing and a tear-jerking story could touch the hearts of kids and parents the world over, especially because the endangered Orca whale named Willy is such a majestic creature. The story couldn’t be more conventional–it’s like Old Yeller and The Black Stallion with a big sea mammal–but as the boy who comes to Willy’s aid against the whale’s exploitative owner, young Jason James Richter gives an appealing performance with which children can readily identify. After two sequels and an animated television series, this popular film also had a happy real-life ending: Keiko the whale (who plays Willy) recovered from failing health and was gradually trained to survive outside of captivity. –Jeff Shannon

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Price: $ 3.57

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